Gould’s Belt

26th May 2017

Orion Belt ESA HubbleIn the vast Kalahari the sky stretches out in every direction to the very edge of forever, giving one an incredible panoramic view of the sky. And as both Orion and Scorpius are visible in the early evening at the opposite ends of the sky at this time of year, it makes this the perfect time and place to see Gould’s Belt – the ring of superstars that blaze across our night skies.

Starting with Orion setting in the west,

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A Voyage on the Argo

24th May 2017

615px-Argo_Navis_-_MercatorThe epic voyage of Jason and the Argonauts is one of the greatest stories of heroism, intrigue, betrayal, and tragedy. And it is a story that is retold in the stars, in the fragmented remains of the constellation Argo Navis.

Last night I was looking at the great ship Argo Navis navigating the turbulent Milky Way seas, its prow vanishing into a bank of mist, and thinking that it’s a real shame this magnificent and ancient constellation was considered “unwieldy”

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Full Moon on a Salt Pan

11th May 2017

Salt PanI have always found that stargazing allows you to separate yourself from the hundreds of extraneous influences we deal with every day – the noise and clutter of day-to-day life, the trials and tribulations of all our complex relationships and the constant challenge of dealing with an increasingly busy world. It was never more so than last night.

I set the 10” Dobs up out on a remote Kalahari salt pan; it was a magical experience to watch the full

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