Poe and A Handful of Dwarf Galaxies

19th Oct 2017

2_Sculptor_Dwarf_Galaxy_940x694Last night I observed six dwarf galaxies, and the highlight of the evening was seeing for the first time the exceedingly dim and challenging Sculptor Dwarf Galaxy, and it was all thanks to Edgar Allan Poe…

The one thing I did not expect living in my remote dark skies cottage outside a remote village in the vastly remote Kalahari Desert was to enjoy an astonishingly eclectic reading experience! The owners of the charming little hotel in the village are,

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The Sculptor Group Of Galaxies

17th Oct 2017

Sculptor-GalaxyLast night I observed the Sculptor Group of Galaxies, the nearest to our own Local Group of Galaxies. It provides a lovely observing experience as it certainly does contain some beautifully bright and shapely galaxies (along with a number of dim to exceedingly-dim and less-shapely members). However, whenever I look at galaxies, beyond the beauty I am seeing when I centre an entire galaxy in the eyepiece, my brain always strives – and fails – to get the smallest glimmer

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