Simeis 147, A Ghostly SNR

21st Dec 2017

mbp_2011-11_Simeis147AndreoThe supernova remnant, Simeis 147, is without a doubt one of the most challenging observations I have ever made, but it was also one of my most rewarding observations. Its very, very faint and delicate filaments had a haunting beauty; indeed, it’s one of the most ethereal and ghostly objects I’ve ever observed… but it seems fitting that those wisps of light – all that remain of a massive star that died in a titanic explosion some 40,000 years ago

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Volans and the Joy of Kite Flying

14th Dec 2017

VolansOne of my favourite naked eye constellations is Volans because its brighter stars sketch out a gorgeous celestial kite flying in the sky, its tail streaming out behind it. In 1844, John Herschel proposed dropping Piscis Volans’ fish and shortening the constellations to just the adjective Volans. Francis Baily adopted this suggestion in his British Association Catalogue of 1845, and it has been known as that ever since… Flying… which couldn’t be more apt for this beautiful kite-shaped

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