Binocular Astronomy

Every major class of celestial object can be viewed in binoculars. Softly glowing clouds of gas and dust… clusters of hundreds of sparkling stars… distant galaxies…

Big 5 of the African Sky

The famous “Big 5” are Africa’s undisputed safari superstars… but do you know that there is a celestial Big 5 of the African Sky… and they are all spectacular binocular objects?

Magnificent Orion

Orion, the hunter, is the most magnificent constellation in our skies. It contains some of the sky’s most spectacular sights within reach of binoculars, among them one of the greatest celestial treasures: M42, the great Orion Nebula.

The Beautiful Pleiades and Hyades

Taurus, the Bull, is home to two of the most famous and beautiful open star clusters – the Hyades whose stars make up the distinctive V-shape of Taurus’ face, and the dazzling Pleiades.

The Moon in Binoculars

The Moon is fabulous in binoculars. Best of all, every night a different phase of the Moon is visible, so new craters, seas, and mountains are revealed!