Hydrus, Sinuous Snake

Yesterday morning on my early morning walk, I met a Cape cobra on the path. It was absolutely terrifying. The Cape cobra is one of the deadliest snakes in Africa;

Hyenas and a wolf named Lupus

I’ve just finished reading a wonderful book – Hyena Nights and Kalahari Days by Gus and Margie Mills. It is the hyena book for hyena lovers – an extraordinary insight into the lives of these fascinating and beautiful animals.

Pondering Time with Horologium

Holorlogium isn’t a prepossessing constellation. Apart from its lucida, Alpha Horologii, it is but a sprinkle of 5th and 6th magnitude stars. But it’s what its namesake measures that makes it such a monumental constellation in my book… time.

Galaxies Galore in Grus

I think Grus is a constellation close to the hearts of most South African stargazers because the Blue Crane is South Africa’s national bird.
It is a beautiful, graceful bird with its long slender neck