A Quasar and a Stromatolite Fossil

Last night I observed quasar 3C 273 which lies 2.4 billion light-years away. Recently I found a 2.4 billion year old stromatolite fossil… the first evidence of life on Earth. It is impossible to fathom the distance from us humans in both light and evolution…

NGC 94 and a Fish Fossil

Never was the universe so grand as when I held in my hand and my eyepiece two completely divergent objects that had one thing in common – time… 260 million years of time, to be exact.

47 Tuc and a Fossil Riverbed

Astronomy is colossal – the size of stars, their ages, the distances between them, the power of supernovae, the nature of black holes, the size of galaxies, superclusters, and the universe itself. But to me, most colossal of all is time.