Centaurus A, Fourcade-Figueroa Shred, NGC 5237

This extraordinary trio of objects are the result of a galaxy shredding encounter… a violent encounter between an elliptical galaxy and a smaller companion spiral galaxy that took place some 500 million years ago.

Fornax Galaxy Cluster

The Fornax Galaxy Cluster lies 62 million light-years away and it offers us an absolute galaxy bonanza… of its roughly 600 members, there are over 50 within reach of our telescopes.

Poe and A Handful of Dwarf Galaxies

Last night I observed six dwarf galaxies, and the highlight of the evening was seeing for the first time the exceedingly dim and challenging Sculptor Dwarf Galaxy, and it was all thanks to Edgar Allan Poe…

The Sculptor Group Of Galaxies

The Sculptor Group of Galaxies provides a lovely observing experience as it certainly does contain some beautifully bright and shapely galaxies (along with a number of dim to exceedingly-dim and less-shapely members).

Dorado’s Other Cloud

Dorado, the gorgeous fish gracing our southern skies, appears as if it is diving into a great froth of turbulent water represented by the Large Magellanic Cloud. But Dorado is also home to another cloud…

Hickson 90 in the Southern Fish

Last night I was in Piscis Austrinus observing Hickson 90… a beautiful, albeit small and faint compact grouping of four galaxies that lie in a lovely field sprinkled with stars.