Full Moon on a Salt Pan

The beautiful ray systems that are seen in their full glory at full Moon are dramatic, incredibly complex and absolutely fascinating. It is a mind-bender to look at the rays and try to appreciate the force behind an impacting projectile that scattered boulders, rocks and pulverized ejecta hundreds of kilometres across the surface of the Moon.

Four Views of Hipparchus

Hipparchus is an exceptional crater. And it really is a tremendous observing experience to compare what one sees in the eyepiece with the views recorded by the LRO, Tintin, Robert Hooke and Apollo 16.

Three Heroes and Their Craters

As a kid in the backwaters of Rhodesia (it became Zimbabwe in 1980), I lay on the grass on July 20th 1969, looking at the moon, and it changed my life. Three intrepid explorers and inspirational heroes were there… two walking on the moon, one circling above.